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Enterprise culture:
Quality first, customer first, integrity management, the principle of friendship and cooperation, to provide quality products and satisfactory service to customers. World without end, refine on quality of service.
A successful enterprise will grow from the beginning of the young, with the development and expansion of enterprises, there is a need to standardize enterprise behavior culture system as a guarantee, that is the construction of enterprise culture, so that enterprises can smoothly from young to mature.

Business strategy:
Since the Dongguan YiZhong Spring Metal Co.,LTD. Factory, followed by their own management system of carding, to develop a realistic culture as the core system. After several years of development, from the management system to culture, business culture, and according to the time development enterprise culture change strategy. 
A perfect enterprise culture occupies the position can not be ignored in the development of enterprises, in the enterprise, through the cultural indoctrination, to achieve unity between employees and between employees cohesion, ensure enterprise condense into a force, identify the direction of development, is the largest power of enterprise development. Outside the enterprise, the enterprise culture is to enhance the corporate image and brand position, through the external behavior, people can realize the enterprise internal development situation is very good, can achieve the combination of internal and external, to play the greatest effect of enterprise culture brings to the enterprise. We emphasize the importance of corporate culture is to solve the contradiction between the enterprise employees, the employees and the company. The successful implementation of enterprise culture is not only a person, but need a team to do business, leading to a person of the enterprise into the enterprise, so that the team can be very good to the development of culture combination, the rapid development of enterprises, the maintenance of corporate image cannot do without each and every employee, to culture message to every employee, so the influence of corporate culture and leadership, leadership to influence others, others will affect a team, and finally affect the development of enterprises, such enterprises will be harmonious and rapid growth, maturity. 

Our task :
According to quality and on time according to the price of the product to the hands of customers, and provide quality after sale service, create value for customers. Our business development is not only to the thriving and prosperous, but also for the efforts to build a stronger China into their social responsibility.

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