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Yipin | National Day Mid-Autumn holiday notice

According to the relevant provisions of the "notice on holiday arrangement in 2017" promulgated by the state council and the actual situation of our company, we hereby inform the relevant matters of National Day holiday in 2017 as follows:
There will be a holiday of 5 days on October 5, solstice, October 1, 2017. And the Mid-Autumn festival.
On October 1, (Sunday), October 2 (Monday), October 3 (Tuesday) for the National Day holiday, October 4 (Wednesday) as the Mid-Autumn festival holiday, October 5 (Thursday) on Sunday, Oct. 6 normal work.
During holidays and festivals, all departments should do their work carefully:
(1) to strengthen safety production and other work leadership during festivals, strengthen supervision and management, implement various safety measures, and ensure the safety production during festivals.
(2) to be on duty during the holiday and the security work, strict duty institution, and must have the leadership shift, on duty system, the personnel on duty to fulfill his duties, major problems and emergency incidents, should report to the supervisor for instructions, properly handle, must not delay.
(3) as the dining hall needs to be reformed, the dining hall will not be opened during the holiday, so the family should take care of themselves.
Security guard: evening shift - wang xinfang: 13724554548
Yang Lin: 13669804765
Personnel: Chen yongyi: 13556657284
Management department

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