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What are metal stamping parts?

Definition of metal stamping parts:
It is a kind of technology that USES press and mould to deform or break iron, aluminum, copper and other plate materials and anisotropic materials to reach a certain shape and size. Metal stamping is also sometimes called sheet metal forming, but slightly different. So - called plate forming is to use plate, thin - wall pipe, thin - shaped material as raw materials. The forming method of plastic machining is generally called sheet metal forming. At this time, the deformation of thick plate is not considered.

The stamping process can be divided into two categories: separation process and forming process (bending, drawing and forming). The separation process is to separate the stamping parts from the blank materials along certain contour lines during the stamping process. Meanwhile, the quality of the parting sections of the stamping parts should meet certain requirements. The forming process is to make the blanks produce plastic deformation without damage and turn them into the required shape of the finished products, which should also meet the requirements of dimension tolerance.

1. Metal stamping parts currently commonly used materials:
1) SECC: galvanized iron sheet
2) SPEC: tin-plated cold rolled sheet
3) SUS: stainless steel series
4) AL: aluminum series
5) CU: copper series
6) PBR: white copper
7) SPTE: tinplate
8) AL SET: lamp cover
9) AL ARG: lamp cover
SUS stainless steel series materials are further divided into the following three categories:
1) austenitic stainless steel: SUS301 (non-magnetic), SUS304 (slightly magnetic), SUS310S
2) ferrite stainless steel: SUS430 (magnetic)
3) martensite stainless steel: SUS420J2
Aluminum series materials are subdivided into the following four categories:
1) A1050: H18
2) A1070: H18
3) A1100: H18
4) A5052: H32, H34
Iron plate series materials are subdivided into the following five categories:
1) SECC: galvanized iron sheet
2) SPCC: polished iron plate
3) SPTE: tinplate
4) SPTD: lead-plated iron plate
5) SPTH: tinplate plating
Copper series materials are further divided into the following three categories:
1) PBSP: phosphor copper
3) BRASS: bronze
2. Process flow of stamping parts
Basic process of stamping:
1) separation process: the stamping workpiece and the sheet material are separated from each other along the required contour line.
2) pressing process: pressing the rough edges
3) forming process: the hair embryo produces plastic deformation without being damaged to obtain the required shape, size and precision.
The basic process flow of stamping is as follows:
1) COVER: cutting, blanking, punching, characters, convex hull - pressure burrs forming, tapping, riveting
2) the BEZEL: open material, blanking, punching, characters, convex hull, tapping, pressure flash - molding - Windows hole - pressure burrs

Application of metal stamping parts:

Metal stamping parts can be used in various materials according to its unique metal processing quality in a wide range of industries. Like aerospace
, agriculture, the main electrical appliances, small appliances, automotive, commercial construction, electronics, hvac, lawn care & equipment, lighting, hardware lock, Marine, medical, pipelines, energy storage, small electric tools engine and so on.

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