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How does the disc spring produced by yipin spring work at high temperature
Spring material working at high temperature should have good thermal stability, anti-relaxation or creep ability, anti-oxidation ability and resistance to certain medium corrosion. The working temperature of spring increases, and the elastic modulus of spring material decreases, leading to the decrease of stiffness and bearing capacity. Therefore, spring operating at high temperature must understand the rate of change (value) of elastic modulus, and calculate the effect of spring bearing capacity on service performance. According to the regulations of the GB1239, ordinary helical spring working temperature above 60 ℃, should make correction for the shear modulus. Spring steel production of the spring, hardness (that is, strength) should be chosen according to the spring bearing property and stress size. However, the hardness is closely related to the fracture toughness of plane strain.
Springs operating under acid contact and other corrosive media are generally corrosion resistant materials such as stainless steel or nickel alloys. The spring used in general environmental media is made of ordinary spring steel, which is then coated or electroplated (galvanized, cadmium plated, copper plated) on its surface to prevent corrosion. Spring used in weighing apparatus and instruments, in order to meet its precision is not affected by temperature change, the constant elastomeric alloy with minimal change of elastic modulus and expansion coefficient is generally used.

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