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Matters needing attention after heat treatment of spring
Heat treatment process is an essential part of spring manufacturer in the process of manufacturing process, but the changes before and after the heat treatment process is the test of a technician capability, today to talk to you to the two problems of using the before and after the heat treatment process.
1, spring in rust after heat treatment, spring cleaning not clean after heat treatment, surface residual salt, it's easy to rust, a long time will form pits, severely reduce the service life of spring. Therefore, the spring should be cleaned in time after heat treatment, enter the next process in time, and spray sand after inspection as soon as possible. If you cannot enter the next process in time, you must use anti-rust oil to prevent rust in the middle.
2, dimension change is big, especially when making compression spring, outer diameter and length in the want to consider the variation of tempering machine, in order to make the diameter size stability after springback, spring inversion of springback, speed should not be too fast, can appear otherwise spring taper and the ring size is not equal. Especially for long springs with more cycles, more attention should be paid to the rebound speed. When working with the same set of springs, it is important to keep track of the springback speed of each spring.
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