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In 2014 The Development Activities

Expand training with high and low elements challenge challenge, students from the individual and team level,can be through the sense of crisis, leadership, communication, in the face of adversity and counseling trainingand promotion. Expand training emphasizes students "experience" to study, and not just in the classroom.Research data show that the absorption of traditional classroom learning is about 25%, experience type andrequire students to participate in the actual operation of the learning level of 75%, can be more effectively theinformation imparted to students. Training is a kind of typical outdoor experiential training.
To experience, experience sharing to expand the training teaching form, breaking the traditional training mode,it does not give you a certain knowledge or training certain skills, but also set up a special environment, allows you to directly participate in the whole teaching process, at the same time, to make a kind of experience, self reflection. To get some insights. It absorbs the advanced experience of foreign countries, at the same time, pay attention to psychological characteristics of the Chinese people and accept the style, most of the courses on the outdoor scene, carefully set up a series of new and exciting, to allow students to experience, to solve the problem, in the process of participation and experience, mental challenge, thought to be inspired then thestudents discuss the summary of experience sharing, the sentiment all is rich in humanistic spirit andconnotation of modern management. In special circumstances, to think, to discover, to wake up on their own, to colleagues, to re recognize and re positioning of the team.

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