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Yipin fully implements the spirit of 19 to continue efforts to develop spring stamping lathe parts

With the party's nineteenth report congress, we yipin hardware is not willing to lag behind, ministers of all departments are organized together to learn the spirit of reporting. We must fully implement the party's 19 big spirit, consciously with the new era of Chinese characteristic socialism armed mind, promoting innovation practice, continue to develop the spring stamping lathe products, for the construction of modern socialist country in the new journey compose a new chapter, and make new contributions.

Party's 19 report sound and vision, thoughts deep, rich in content, in practice as the core of the CPC central committee general secretary led the Chinese people of all ethnic groups to historic achievements and historic changes, encouraged, and motivating.

General secretary xi's report gives us great encouragement. As a member of the manufacture of spring stamping lathe products in China, we are deeply impressed by the glorious and sacred mission and the heavy and arduous task. The future, we determined the strategic orientation of innovation and development, and the accumulation of global innovation resources, perfect the innovation system, to realize enterprise by innovation as to lead the transformation of innovation, make China spring stamping lathe products to the world, let the spring stamping lathe products business card more loud and clear.

Entered a new era we have new as a diet product hardware must be, we must keep the spirit of originality, resolutely safeguard the chairman of the xi as the core of the central authority and centralized and unified leadership, seize every minute, not to me, put on more steam rolled up his sleeves, with higher standards, greater efforts and more solid steps, to implement the 19 pieces big spirit into concrete step, our staff is yearning for a better life into one practical and good thing, step by step, the grand blueprint into reality.

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