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Yipin spring: fatigue - resistant disc spring failure analysis

The deformation energy per unit volume of disc spring is large, which is used to absorb impact and dissipate energy. When subjected to long-term impact of load, radial penetration crack is generated. When the disc spring works, it is located at the junction of inner ring surface and end face of the concave surface of the disc spring, bearing Max tensile stress. The following is the failure analysis of the disc spring:
1. Due to the unreasonable material composition, composition segregation results in uneven performance of disc spring, for example, 60 si2mn as disc spring material, Si content is low, reduce the saucer reed yield strength, cause a embrittlement of the parts in advance, and even cracking; High P content will aggravate the brittleness tendency and component segregation of steel. While the existence of sundry split the continuity of matrix, and become a crack sensitive area, especially when the distribution in the workpiece surface, easy to cause stress concentration, to stress corrosion cracking preferred channels.
2. Cracks are generated during processing. Disc spring by hot forging processing molding, high temperature quenching + tempering tempering treatment, shot peening processing surface, will appear in the manufacturing process of the disc spring internal micro cracks, cause stress concentration, in use process, if load will accelerate the disc spring fatigue failure and cracking.
Stress corrosion. Disc spring under tensile stress at work, when the disc spring loading, unloading residual tensile stress, the internal retained if saucer reed long-term work in acidic liquid or humidity larger environment, under the effect of tensile stress, the solution of hydrogen aggregation, adsorption on the surface defects such as holes, corrosion pit, reduce the adhesion strength of the surface energy, or atomic health, local stress concentration, when the crack nucleation work is greater than the crack tip stress intensity factor, which can lead to brittle fracture micro crack nucleation and propagation environment, the micro cracks appear, leading to premature disc spring fatigue failure.

4. Unreasonable heat treatment. During the heat treatment of disc spring, the tempering treatment results in high tempering brittleness due to improper or deviation between the tempering temperature and the cooling speed after tempering (for example, the cooling speed after tempering is too slow). Decarbonization occurs on the surface of heat treatment, which has an adverse effect on the fatigue life of the disc spring, aggravating the elastic limit and fatigue life of the disc spring and contributing to the formation of cracks.

5. Further embrittlement of disc spring caused by using environment. The disc spring works at high or low temperature for a long time, and its structure changes slowly and becomes more brittle.
6. Materials are embrittled after long use. When the material is used for a long time, the internal structure of disc spring reaches or even exceeds its limit of mechanical performance, resulting in brittlement and premature fatigue failure.
Above every kind of reasons cause the disc spring fatigue failure at work, bring losses to the production application, thus to explore the disc spring of the relationship between load and deformation are very has the application value, in light of the calculation formula of the disc spring are suitable for small and medium under the load of limitations, to explore the disc spring under large load of stress-strain relationship, it is concluded that the calculation formula of high precision is very necessary.

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